Products & Solutions

Technical films are real solutions to problems in many sectors of application and provide a wide spectrum of application.

In the automobile industry, as well as in technical screen printing, in the electronics industry, for optical applications, in the graphic industry etc. our large spectrum of films provides  demanding and practically-orientated solutions. Technical films made from synthetic materials are more and more frequently used, because they often replace "antiquated" materials due to their improved material characteristics and enable many new production process, e.g. IMD (Insert Mold Decoration). Many forms of further processing, such as printing, stamping, thermoforming, lasing, back injection, cutting, trimming, embossing, grooving or bending are possible with films made from synthetic materials in a greater range of variations. Practically all product characteristics desired and required, such as shiny, matt or structured surfaces, printability, optical purity, thermoforming resistance, ductility or UV resistance are fulfilled by the films from our range. Even requirements such as chemical and wear resistance or UL 94 – V0 classification are possible with our products.

Benefit from our experience using the different films. We know the advantages and disadvantages from practice and know about the reactions in the different sectors of application. Whether well-tried or extravagant solutions – you obtain all films required for equipping devices and for the automobile sector, for the graphic industry, for the electronics industry, as well as for optical applications.